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In the third Patience Oaktree organizing novel, Heart of a Hoarder, Pat leads a crew of volunteers as they attempt to help a widower deal with his excessive clutter and avoid going to jail. You can read the first two chapters online at Green Square Publishing.

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Pat's tip

Wine-colored tablecloths minimize spots from wine spills.



Who is Patience Oaktree?

Patience "Pat" Oaktree is the self-proclaimed most successful organizer in the State. Never mind that she's borderline chronically disorganized herself and can't seem to start, much less complete, some of her own projects. She uses her silent mantra of "Patience, Patience" to remind herself not to get frustrated. She's proud to say that the first book about her adventures, Patience and the Porsche, won the Best Organizing Book Award at the 2008 Los Angeles Organizing Awards.

What is the Patience Oaktree Fan Club?

Pat loves to share her life, expertise, and adventures with her fans.
Fan Club privileges include access to:

• Unpublished facts about Pat and her family
• Pat's index cards – book notes & recipes
• Previews of Pat's next adventures
• "Ask Pat" advice column
• Special offers and discounts on books and merchandise

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